Self-Made Multi-Millionaire Single Mom, Arlene Dickinson

arlene dickinson

Author, entrepreneur, television personality, venture capitalist, CEO, Arlene Dickinson. Ms. Dickinson is a powerhouse in her own right and her road to success was not easy. At the tender age of 16, she accelerated through school and graduated high school, with no intentions of attending college. Her dream was to work, find the love of […] Read more »

Single Mom—-From Public Assistance to Multi-Million Dollar Enterprise—Lisa Nichols

lisa nichols

Today we celebrate Lisa Nichols. Ms. Nichols, is a single mom who transformed her life from being on public assistance and not having any money to buy her son any diapers to creating a multi-million dollar enterprise. Lisa Nichols, the CEO of Motivating the Masses, which is a top training and development company in the world. She is a best-selling […] Read more »

First African-American Woman CEO to head a Fortune 500 company, Raised by a Single Mom


Ursula Burns is the first African-American Woman CEO to head a Fortune 500 company who was raised in the projects in the Lower East Side of Manhattan by her single mom, Olga Burns. Olga Burns single handedly raised Ursula and her siblings. Ms. Olga Burns ran a at-home day care center and ironed clothes to provide for […] Read more »