[Single Mom Hero] Single Mom Saves Neighborhood with Ice Cream

Single Mom Hero - Single Mom Profiles

Being a single mom is tough right? But it’s not an impossible circumstance. One Atlantic City single mom proved she could rise above the circumstances and help her neighborhood out as well. She lived in a rough part of town so the ice cream man eventually stopped coming around. Taking it as an opportunity she […] Read more »

Movie Producer Interviews Single Mom About Challenges


Moguldom Studios recently produced a documentary about single motherhood in black America. I had the opportunity to review the movie which I thought was very well made. Recently I shared my own single mom story with Moguldom Studios. The challenges, the lessons, and the silver lining. Here is that interview below. You can also check […] Read more »

5 Foods to Help Your Mood

Foods for your mood

Did you know the food you eat can literally make you feel happy or sad? Nutrition is one of the main components of mental health, so it’s important to stock your plate with good food while cutting some of those less beneficial alternatives. “Food can definitely alter your mood,” says Dr. Shoshana Bennett, clinical psychologist, […] Read more »