85 Ways to Help a Single Mom

85 Ways

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Two Extremes

It seems that there are two extremes when it comes to how to “deal” with single moms. In society and the church this issues gets tossed around and everyone is left scratching their heads.

There are the do-gooders who feel that by helping the unfortunate single mother, they will get a gold star and a place in some obsure hall of fame. Then there are those who lambast single moms and anyone who loves, helps, or support them. It seems that we don’t deserve the right to breathe (we all know who they are).

People in the Middle

For the people in the middle of all of this, the ones that genuinely want to help, here is a list that will help you find your way. The best thing  you can do is ask the single mom you’d like to offer support because she is the only one who truly knows what she needs.

This list was inspired by Jenn3. Her pastor asked her what she, as a single mom, needed. Hopefully she can take this list back to him and it will shed some light on the needs of single moms today.

The List

1. Show appreciation
2. Offer hope
3. Be accepting
4. Be an inspiration
5. Give a sense of community
6. Help lift her burdens
7. Validate her
8. Give Understanding
9. Be a source of enlightenment
10. Love her unconditionally
11. Offer childcare solutions (preferably free or very low cost)
12. Donate a car
13. Repair her car
14. Give scholarships for college tuition, book, or expenses
15. Direct to educational resources
16. Provide housing assistance
17. Offer job training
18. Give a listening ear
19. Offer free counseling
20. Set up free massages
21. Send her to get a Pedicure
22. Give her a manicure gift certificate
23. Surprise her with a weekend getaway (all expenses paid)
24. Set up a deposit fund
25. Pay for life coaching on her behalf

To read the rest of the list click the link below. If you have any questions or comments you can email me (samantha@richsinglemomma.com) or leave them in the comment section below.

85 Ways to Help a Single Mom

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