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Why Rich Single Momma? Because single moms deserve wealth too!

Single moms (including me) get beat down emotionally every day. We have to bear the burden of being the sole providers for our children. Depending on government assistance gets old and is very frustrating. Privacy is not an option when you get into the system. You have to tell them everything and it seems like they want to know your bathroom schedule too!

Forget Poverty
If you are not on government assistance you may be living from paycheck to paycheck, robbing Peter to pay Paul and constantly looking over your shoulder for the repo man or that eviction notice.

That is not the way any person should live. Yes I know the poor will always be with us but why does it have to be you? I have been through each scenario that I just described. It wasn’t fun so I decided to stop complaining and do something about it.

I’ll Share My Success Secrets
I’ve had a measure of success so I want to share my tips, secrets, and strategies with you. This blogsite is a guide for all single moms (and their supporters) who want encouragement, empowerment, and enrichment tips for being successful and happy. You don’t have to worry and stress about how you are going to make it. I am here to show you how.

Create Wealth
You will find information about how to make extra money, how to manage money, where to find free resources to help you through the tough times. You will find information on going back to school and legitimate places to get grants for school and business.

Being wealthy is not just money but it’s about spiritual and emotional well-being. Single moms are notorious for not taking care of self so you will find a sprinkle of self-care tips as well as health tips so you can be a balanced person.

Single Mom Success Guides
You will find the free Single Mom Success and Survival Kit here also. If you want to find out the Truth About Grants for Single Moms, know the Secrets of Winning Child Support, learn how to be Successful and Happy, or want to find out the 100 Secrets of Successful Single Motherhood you have come to the right place.

Why would you go through all this trouble? Because your kids depend on you to be your best and be happy. They feel more secure that way and can live a normal life as a boy or girl. They didn’t ask to come into this world so the least you can do is be happy and balanced. After all, they do as we do and not so much what we say, right?

Raise Your Voice!
Feel free to let your voice be heard through the polls and comment boxes. I want to know what you are thinking and what you need to know. So share your thoughts and offer a helping hand after you get to your success point.

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