Back to School is Exhausting, Part 1

Back to School

Back to School

Here in Georgia the kids are going back to school. My own kids started a brand new school because we just relocated so I had to go through the rigors of registration which wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Coming from another state requires immunization updates, affidavits of residency (notarized no less), and health screenings. I personally hate paperwork and anything that has to do with taking my kids to a doctor or dentist. I know what’s going to happen and let me tell you, it ain’t pretty. My kids, yes both of them, get all worked up over the thought of seeing a doctor. Ironically my daughter loves the dentist and has been begging me to find a new one. That’s on my to-do list, but I feel myself heading off on a tangent so let me get back on topic.





So I call the health department to find out what I need to do to get the kiddies in for their health screenings and to transfer the shot records. They operate on a first come, first serve basis most of the time and the screening is $12 and shots (if they need them and I’m praying they don’t, but I should know right?) are some minimum cost. I am pleased because this visit won’t break my budget. I do, however, procrastinate with requesting a day off to take care of everything. I want to get the health stuff and school registration done all in one day.


As usual my procrastination bite me in the rear. I get to the health department and it’s filled to capacity and there is a 3-hour wait! You’ve got to be kidding me! But I elect to wait because I’ve dedicated the entire day just in case something like this happens. The kids are restless and there are crying babies, a lot of Spanish being spoken, and no food is allowed. Fortunately I stopped and got the kids and myself breakfast before we came, otherwise we would have been in deep poo, because we couldn’t leave once we signed in. The kids entertained themselves by writing, arguing, and going back and forth to the car while I stayed inside.


Finally we got called to be processed in. the kind nurse determined that the kids did need a couple shots and the drama started. They begged and bargained with me to not get shots but they had to have them to be updated. When we finally got into the back we were met by a kind, albeit very large lady. I was shocked at how large she was and wondered how she could be in the healthcare field. Barring that she was very nice and comforting for the kiddies. She would be the one to do the examination and give the shots.


The health screen was done very quickly and they passed with flying colors. Next on the agenda were the shots. My son, the younger of the two had calmed himself between finding out he would have shots and now. He was also boisterously proclaiming that he was not scared and was going to take his shot like a man. HA! When he saw the needle it was an entirely different story. He went back to the bargaining, begging, and now shouting and screaming. He didn’t want a shot and tried to convince us that his sister should go first. I had no problem with him crying and I actually encouraged it so they could acknowledge the pain, but fighting me and the large lady was out of the question.


He was I my lap so I had to hold him and threatened to restrain him. Finally he got stuck in the arm. He let out a yelp, fully expecting it to hurt a lot more, but he was surprised that it was over that quickly and almost painless. He got off my lap and started laughing. He’s such a silly kid. Then he started teasing his big sister and calling her a baby because she was still scared.  I thought his experience would make her feel better and calm her but she cried like a baby. Poor thing can’t take much pain at all, not even a needle prick. With the health screening and shots all done as well as the proper paperwork in hand we were on our way to get registered for school.


Stay tuned for the second part of my back-to-school tale.


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