Back to School is Exhausting, Part 3

This is the last part of my tale of back-to-school exhaustion. Enjoy!


The day before school starts I spend the day shampooing and styling my daughter’s thick head of hair. My son gets his hair cut and we lay out clothes, shoes, socks, and backpacks. They are both nervous and excited and to be honest, so am I. The next day we get up, get showered, dressed, and fed then head out the door.


My daughter is catching the bus so I wait a bit for the bus to come but I have to leave before it gets there. I learned later that it was late; hopefully it’s not a sign of things to come. I take my son to school and meet a barrage of cars and proud parents dragging their kids behind them to get into the school. It is not the most organized processional but we make it into the school and to his class without being trampled.


His teacher is smiling and waiting for all her new students to come in and she lovingly excuses a wayward parent who confesses she could’t find an item on the supply list. I feel good when I leave the classroom and head down the crowded halls once again to get back to my car and off to work.


I think about the kids all day and wonder how things are going; wondering if my daughter got to school or if she got lost. I wondered if my son was listening and following directions and I tracked his day with the schedule I printed off from his teacher’s website. Finally my daughter called to tell me that she got home. I am relieved and she is hungry so she hangs up in a hurry to get something to eat and decompress with a TV show.


After work I pick up my son and he is happy to see me and tell me about his day. He’s hungry too so I get home and start dinner. By then all my energy is gone. I’m sure it’s mostly because these last two weeks have been spent preparing for back-to-school. Finally the kids are settled and I am dog tired. I can hardly keep my eyes open so I lay on my bed to “rest” a while. That rest turned into full-on sleep.


My son wanted me to help him with a worksheet but I could barely keep my eyes open much less talk. We managed to get it done and get them ready for bed. Not long after they went to bed I went to bed too, thinking how exhausting back to school is.


Empowerment is Yours!

Rockin’ Single Mom Sam

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