Build self-confidence of your teen.

Adolescence can be a very difficult period. For adolescents, changes in their physical bodies and their hormonal changes can create a lack of self-confidence and self-esteem. Imagine your verses ADO bodily changes the standard collected or desired change can affect your teen as self image. Now add in the increasing pressure to adapt in their social structure and the pressures of school. Yes, adolescence is not easy.

Then, how can help you your teen build a solid and health itself meaning opinion and not of diploma from adolescence to young adult with a sense of failure? How can you help to build a realistic sense of self and acceptance of itself? How to build a sense of identity which is not so weak that it impedes the achievements of your teen?

First of all, listen to your teen; trying to determine how your teen feels. He or she expresses feelings of inferiority? When your teen succeeds to a task, he or she minimizes success with comments like: teacher made the test too easy, I was lucky and I expect to get this good? When your ADO considers that his or her actions as less successful he or she to reach with such comments as: I am just not College materials, with my body type, I would not yet have tried or why I even try to, I never get any good?

Second, look at the actions of your teen. Your teen is as if he or she does not have the confidence to believe that they can really make a difference in their lives? He or she has removed social and school activities? What is note you your teen develop self protecting personality traits? Your adolescent has become too critical of others, sarcastic, mean, angry or very passive?

OK, so your teen shows some signs of alert, what can a parent? His lectures your teen works. You must provide passive reinforcements of a positive image of itself in good health.

You create your teen what expectations? Are creating the expectations of your teen that inaccessible? Your standards are reasonable? Definition of too high expectations can cause your teen to believe they can never do enough. Most of the teenagers set internal high standards for themselves. Talk with your teen the goals that he or she defined. Help them think about their goals, their expectations to achieve their objectives and their reactions if they do. Be consistent with your expectations. Hesitate not far from your explaining your expectations.

How to talk to you? You may not believe, but watch your teens and even develop patterns of your actions. Don’t say negative or self-destructive things about yourself on your teen. Be sure to not teach your teens to use negative talk about itself.

Always encourage and less rent. You know the difference between praise and encouragement? Praise is defined as: express approval or admiration of; congratulate; to boast or the status of approved or admired. Encourage is defined as: to inspire with courage, spirit and confidence; boost by support, approval; to promote, advance or promote. When your teen Gets a

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