Single Moms Are Celebrated throughout the month of May!

Celebrating Moms

Are you being raised by a Single Mom? Were you raised by a Single Mom? Are you a Single Mom? Do you have a friend that is a Single Mom?

If you were raised by a Single Mom, we want to celebrate her!

If are a Single Mom, we want to celebrate you!

If you know someone (sister, friend, co-worker, or church member) that is Single Mom we want to celebrate them!

Please provide a picture of yourself, your mom, or your friend, answering the question “What is the best thing about the Single Mom you are Celebrating?” or if you are a Single Mom, answer the question “What is the best thing about being a mom? Please use 3 sentences or less to answer the question

We will publish the picture and statement right here on Single Moms Rock.

We will also post it on Facebook and you will be tagged in the post.

If that special Single Mom has a Facebook account please be sure to provide her profile name and we will tag her!

Submit your profile and pictures here.

We look forward to CELEBRATING you and that special SINGLE MOM in your life!





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