Development of good mental health in young girls

By Rachelle Salinger

The parents of young girls, we are in a unique position of influence to help build the confidence it takes to be the best they can be. After all, they remain in their frilly dresses and accessories hair dainty forever. One day, they will be real women in a real world.

Developing self-esteem is at the heart of the development of mental well-being of a girl. Mental health is how people think, feel and act to deal with situations of life. It may not always be our priority when raising our daughters, but it is actually very important as shown in the statistics.

Studies have shown that girls are seven times more likely than boys to be depressed and three times more likely than boys to have the negative image of the body. These problems will be inevitably affect their daily lives: school work, relationships, even physical health.

Even if most of the girls developed on its emotional, mental, and young physically healthy adults, sometimes additional care is required in the transition from childhood to adolescence. There is not a good way to raise a child, but here are a few suggestions to help your good mental health of the girl.

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