Empowered to Battle (or not), Part 4

I’ve been discussing the right to choose the battles you engage in with the kids, the ex, and the family/friends. Being empowered this way makes life much less stressful, so let’s get on with this last installment.

The Job/Career

Working is one thing single moms usually can’t get around. We have to work to make ends meet and give our kids the semblance of a normal life. But there are times when all things related to the job make me what to throw in the towel and go on welfare. It’s much safer at home where I can surf the internet all day, cook a great meal for the kids, and take naps. But instead I get up early to go to work where I am not always appreciated and praised.


There are even times when the boss is a jerk and refuses to admit his mistakes or give me credit for a product or process. I’ve learned that the battle is mostly in my mind, because in the world of work, every person is ultimately number one and I don’t matter much more than the completion of the next project. So with the battle being my head I can make some choices. I can make the choice to not take things personally.


I can realize that at the end of the day I get to go home and be with people who love me. I also understand and jump for joy that my boss is not going to come with me. I get to leave him right where he is and forget about him and the job until the next day. The battle is won in my mind and I am at peace. Of course I still do a good job, because I realize it’s more about personal satisfaction than anything.


The battles in your life and mine seem to come nonstop, but we are fortunate enough to have choices, smart enough to make good decisions, and savvy enough to make those decisions matter. Because in the grand scheme of things the little battles are just a minor annoyance compared to the joy of motherhood.


Tell me what you think. What is your experience? Empowerment is yours!


Rockin’ Single Mom Sam

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