Empowering Yourself and Pick Your Battles, Part 3

In this series I’ve been talking about picking your battles and empowering your life. Battles with the kids and the ex may feel like a constant drain on your emotions, but you can make the choice to choose what battles you will fight. This time we I’ll talk about picking battles with family and friends.


The Family/Friends

Some single moms have close ties with the family. As a result some family members are overprotective, overbearing, or over involved in your life. I was in this situation and at times it was more stressful than dealing with my ex. When the relationship is over, for some, family is who you turn to for help getting back on your feet. Mom and/or dad can help with childcare, finances, or a shoulder to cry on. The same can happen with close friends.


The problem occurs when this support system begins or attempts to run your life. They have all the answers about how to raise your children and they seem to be the only ones who know what’s best for you. Soon you find yourself wanting to run away from home or risk a relationship breakdown because of heated words.


In my case, my daughter began undermining my authority by asking my parents for things I told her she couldn’t have. Setting boundaries is the only way to reduce the number of battles you have, if you have any. My boundary was moving four hours away. I felt my life spiraling out of control and felt a clean break was the best thing for me and my family. You may find other solutions that work for you.


Next time I’ll discuss Job/Career battles. Empowerment is yours!


Rockin’ Single Mom Sam

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