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Take a Vacation Every Day

Is modern-day society leading to the extinction of free
time? It seems that the days of having plenty of time
to accomplish all of the normal day-to-day
responsibilities and having a bit of free time are
virtually gone.

How did this happen? All of the new technological
advances should be providing an abundance of free time.
Nearly everything has been automated in some way.
There are fast cars to transport us quickly to our
destination, dishwashers and robotic vacuum cleaners to
take care of household tasks, cell phones for immediate
communication and problem resolution, and computers to
speed up previously tedious tasks.

The problem seems to be that because we are capable of
doing so much, the expectations are higher. The bar
has risen. Our employers, our families and even we
have ever-increasing demands on our time. What can be
done to draw the line and hold on to a bit of sanity in
our lives?

One technique is to take a “vacation” every day. That
is not to say go away on a literal trip every day, but
rather take a break and do something enjoyable each
day. Allot some time each day whether it be thirty
minutes or even ten to do something truly enjoyable and
satisfying. For some this may mean doing nothing at
all. For others, it may mean doing something
meaningful that normally is not given full priority
over other obligations.

A sense of well-being can be accomplished with thirty
minutes of reading a good book, playing with the dog,
or simply relaxing under a big shade tree. Even ten
minutes of a relaxing activity can be extremely
beneficial in this day of non-stop constant on-the-go
activity. A ten minute rest for the eyes can really
add a spark to a dragging energy level. A quick walk
around the grounds can also offer a much needed break
and a chance to clear the mind.

Occasionally, when a greater amount of time can be set
aside, mini-vacations or outings should be planned. It
is important to include some fun in everyday life.
Extreme work schedules can ultimately lead to burnout
and other serious problems. Amazingly, time off spent
doing enjoyable activities can actually lead to more
productivity in work and family responsibilities.

It is reported that many in Corporate America are not
taking their earned vacation time in full. And, if
they do manage to take a vacation, they are taking
their cell phones and personal digital assistants with
them. It is important to find a way to take advantage
of this valuable time off. In terms of value, it is a
matter of health rather than dollars and cents. The
health of the country depends on utilizing time off for
personal relaxation and pursuits.

With a little planning and discipline, a balance
between work and life can be realized.

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