Getting Rich – Six Steps From Napoleon Hill

Getting Rich – Six Steps From Napoleon Hill
By Lee Ann Price

There is a scientifically proven system to obtaining wealth and prosperity. That’s a bold statement to be sure. But, I have used the system (both in obtaining wealth and the reverse). And, so you don’t take just my word; countless books have been written on the subject. Two books that I think are classics are; Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles. In this short article it’s my intention to just open your mind to the possibility that such a system exists.

Without going into the why (that would be a book) – I’m going to give you what you can do in six easy to follow steps:

One – If you want to do anything it has to begin with a decision. You have to make the decision that getting rich is your desire. And, it can’t be a vague decision. You must decide that you desire a definite clear amount of money, right down to the pennies.

Two – Determine exactly what you are going to give in return for the money. You don’t have to be totally clear on this, just that you are going to give people a specific service or sell specific items. But, you don’t have to know where the store is going to be or write out a whole business plan. Just be clear that you are going to give value in exchange for money.

Three – You need to be clear of a definite date by which you want the money.

Four – Create a plan for creating your desired outcome and start at once, even if you’re not ready. In other words, start by writing the bare bones of your business plan. What kind of business you are going to be in, what service or products. This doesn’t have to be something you present to a bank, just an outline. Then, every day you’ll want to take an action that is going to make this a reality. Opportunities will start to present themselves, be on the lookout for them. And, don’t be surprised if your plan takes some drastic changes – just ask yourself if they will lead to your desired outcome as well.

Five – Write out a clear statement of the money you desire, with the time limit, what value you intend to give in return and describe your plan (in brief detail).

Six – Read this statement out loud two times a day. And, most importantly as you read it, see, feel and believe that you already have received the money.

I know – you’re probably about to click off because you may think this is just who-hoo metaphysical nonsense. But, it has deep scientific roots. For example, the reason for the sixth step is that your subconscious brain can’t distinguish the difference between reality and fiction. If you plant the seed in it that you actually have the money – your subconscious mind has no choice but to believe you.

It’s like when you go to a horror or action movie. Your conscious mind knows that you’re only watching a movie – it’s not real. But, what happens? You actually feel the physical reactions of fear – just as if it was real. Your heart rate speeds up, your palms might get sweaty. Well, it’s the same with telling yourself that you already posses the riches you desire.

Try it for thirty days – what the heck.

You have nothing to lose – and so much to gain.

For more inspiration from Napoleon Hill, I invite you to visit I, Lee Ann Price know that thoughts become things and help you tap into your inner self and release your negative thoughts so that you can live the life you were born to live.

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