Glorified Single Motherhood? Fact or Fiction?

At my other blog I wrote an article about the glorification of single motherhood. It’s a pretty controversial topic for some but I felt the need to speak about it because of my own journey. Here’s an excerpt for you to read and decide for yourself:

Everyday I read about celebrity women deciding to become single moms for one reason or another. I find this disturbing for a number of reasons, the number one of which is the message is sends to the girls and young women who look up to them.

Another reason is, while they proudly flaunt their new status, they will likely never feel the pressure and stress of being a true single mom. They’ll have assistants and nannies to help them take care of the child. They’ll have their money to provide for the child and likely the father will be involved in some way if for no other reason than to claim some of the limelight. Their lifestyle is not threatened by the addition of a child and they will likely not feel the negative effects of their decision like “normal” people.

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