Got the Blues? Get Moving!

Feeling blue? At the end of your rope? Just can’t it anymore? On the verge of screaming? Well get moving!

Too many times we let our emotions reach a boiling point then we explode. Instead of allowing yourself to get all worked up, go and work out. Who has time for that you ask? Well you do as a matter of fact. All it takes to get the feel good hormones going is five minutes of rapid movement. No, not your mouth chewing on a chip, but your body.

You don’t need equipment or a gym membership just your body and a tiny bit of motivation. This moving method is called intervals and it only takes five minutes. The goal is to get your heart pumping for 1-2 minutes then rest. Do it again, then rest. This is intervals in the simplest terms. There is a lot of information on the internet about this type of program so I won’t go into details. The best thing type of exercise is that it burns calories quickly, even after you are done.

What kind of exercise can you do to get moving? How about good old fashioned jumping jacks? See how many you can do in a minute. Jump roping is another good one. Jogging in place or around your house. So your kids will think you have gone crazy, but who cares! Your main goal is blowing off steam in a constructive way. After you are done you’ll barely remember what you were upset about. Do this everyday and pretty soon nothing will be able to get you down plus you will have the added benefit of shedding a few pounds.

Now I know that what I’ve said hasn’t been backed up by data and a lot of statistics, so you can search for that kind of information yourself on the internet. My only goal is to motivate you to move so you can feel better. The clearer your mind the better you will feel about creating wealth for yourself. Now get movin’!

Rich Single Momma

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