Having Trouble with Your Ex?

I discussed respecting your ex in a previous post. Here are a couple of practical ways to put that advice into effect. Trust me, it’s not hard and it may even be fun.


Find one small thing to thank him for and one less thing to harass him about. You’d be surprise how saying “thanks” can soften a man’s heart, so thank him for one thing. It could be taking the kids for the weekend (even though that’s what he’s supposed to do), it could be paying child-support on time for the month or at all, it could be for being on time to pick them up or dropping them off, it could be for being a great dad. Whatever it is you choose, make it genuine and keep saying it until you find something new. If you never find anything else, keep thanking him for the one thing.


Compliment him in front of your child. This may go against everything you have done up until now, but it’s important for his children to see him as the good guy. Find one thing you can compliment him in front of your child. It doesn’t have to be he’s good looking or anything like that but something worthwhile. He may have been great at sports, fixing things around the house and/or cars, telling jokes, or a hard worker. Brag on him about the one thing you admired about him when you were dating.


Note: This advice is only for women who are dating or married to normal and average men. If you are in an abusive relationship this may not help you. You should get out as quickly as possible. If you are being physically, sexually, or verbally abused please get help. If you choose to use the relationship tactic above you do so at your own risk. Men who are emotionally unstable are not likely to respond positively to this relationship tactic in a way that will benefit you.


Next time I’ll discuss another secret to a successful relationship with your man. But for now, start respecting your man and remember that it’s about both of you winning and getting what you want. Let me know how it is going for you.


You Rock!

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