How to keep a household budget with a single income support to single parents

I gave myself and my kids a treat and every year that I all my income tax return money saved and we went away for spring break. We all need a break and rather than change my salary to pay more tax every week, I learned to live with a little less, so we have a big payout on tax time!

The main thing I did, my AHA moment, to stay on track financially even though I go to a income was-had to be very economical. I only went to the store if I needed something and only bought what I needed. If it’s not a necessity I talked myself out of buying. I always say “do I really need this?” If the answer is no, I did not buy it. Now some of you this cannot be done, but I assure you, with practice and patience and support, can say that it will. Don’t go to the store! Don’t be too hard on yourself if you fall back into bad habits. Realize what you’ve done and keep trying. I know that you can do! If you really want to be financially successful, you must be working at this step.

We went out to eat only once a month. We had birthday parties at home. We had a sandbox in the backyard and we went to the park to play. I loved my car for 14 years. I still have my fridge and oven after 26 years. Yes, new appliances would be nice, but that still work. I buy second-hand or used when I can. My daughter is even better than I on this … they used shower curtains for curtains; She shops at second-hand clothing shops; She buys the size of the samples of paint to paint a wall or furniture etc. And when it comes right down to it, I would rather spend my money than to experience things. There are so many ways to spend less and still enjoy life and each other!

I recently read a book called “The Millionaire women Next Door”. All women in the book are millionaires and while they all have different backgrounds and upbringing, she was all rich. They are not celebrity millionaires, they are ordinary women, even housewives, who have 2 things in common. They work hard and smart and they are frugal. And that the most economical are the largest employers. And they all got where they are by budgeting first, then they got rich.

So now, I own my home, I’m on early retirement at the age of 55, I started a successful business, I travel and I help others to achieve financial success.

And to help you achieve financial success and by the first discovering how to do a budget, I invite you to claim your mini-free 4 day email course on:
Because we all deserve to be financially free.
By Carol Ferguson-your friendly budget Gal and

Author Bio:

My name is Carol Ferguson and I am a divorced mother of 2 beautiful children. I worked many years for a large company and now I’m an entrepreneur with a number of companies, a House that is paid, a bountiful retirement savings plan and many other financial freedoms.

I help people who have gone through, or going through divorce, or other events where they are now the only head of the household and financial assistance. I give tips, tips and advice on how to get their daily finances to pay them their debts, save for their financial future and quite easy to manage.

I want to help others who are struggling with money problems. I know what it is and I want to let them know that they will be on the money-game succeed.

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2 Responses to How to keep a household budget with a single income support to single parents

  1. India Archie says:

    I’m a single mom of four I need to learn better budgeting between buying what they want and need please help

  2. Admin says:

    Hi India. Budgeting needs and wants is a personal decision. We all need food, clothing, shelter, and transportation. Those should definitely be first. The rest can be optional and you determine how much you will spend on it. I will post an article about budgeting. If you need further assistance contact me to talk one on one. In the meantime check out for budget guidance.

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