Sometimes the Hurt Helps: How to Deal with Pain

The worst thing you can give someone who is hurting ( in my humble opinion) is advice chocked full of cliches.

I have experienced a fair share of pain and sadness and one thing that I always got, that was never really comforting were cliches.

You know ones like:

“It’s going to get better”, or

“You’re better off without (insert noun)”;

“Time heals everything” or

“This life be over soon, heaven last forever”

Oh.. sorry, that was in The color Purple. I get carried away with cliche’s…

Times like these were times that my sister’s usual blunt honesty and lack of tact was truly appreciated. She would be the first to say, “Wow, that really sucks”.

There are things in life that are horrible. Things that hurt, make you cry.

I’ve encountered things that made me want to scream and cry for days on end and to be honest, there are time when I did just that.

I have come to realize that some of the most beautiful blessings are born from pain.

Any mother can attest to that. Ask yourself, in the midst
of your own situation. what blessing is on the other side of this pain?

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  1. Don’t be afraid to get back up. Don’t be afraid of peoples opinions, just like butt holes everybody has one. Don’t let the vines of others words get intertwined into your soul. Don’t surround yourself with negative people. Don’t let someone elses view of you become your OWN view of YOU. Don’t stay down just because you fell down. Don’t let the OLD you become the new you, change your hair color and rock it or cut it into a cute short hair style and screw everybody! Don’t love some man more then you love yourself. Don’t say YES when you really mean NO! Don’t let that idiot back in the door of your house or your heart. Don’t forget he hurt you once he will do it again. Don’t forget you are the Sugar Honey Iced Tea!

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