Hydrogen Peroxide – Natures Cheap and All-around Sanitizer

I have been using Hydogen Peroxide for years now. My mom used it when I was a little girl whenever I scraped my leg or arms. It stung for a minute and bubbled up but it worked. I never got infections and it healed pretty well.
A couple years ago I found out that Hydrogen Peroxide has many more benefits than I could have imagined. It gets out blood stains, disinfects tooth brushes, is a great mouth wash and tooth whitener, and so much more. Do a search on the “benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide” and you many websites will come up that tells you in much more detail than I can. But here is what I came up with and summarize.
Hydrogen peroxide is the world’s most natural effective
sanitizer. Why? Because it is the only anti-germicidal
agent composed entirely of water and oxygen.

The chemical formula for hydrogen peroxide is H202, and
the body produces it naturally when in a state of
optimal health. When the body becomes weak or diseased,
it is unable to produce the high amounts of H202 needed
to kill off infection and when the body is unable to
fight off infection, disease results.

H202 works by creating an environment of intensive
oxidation, which can be described as a type of chemical
reaction which causes the breakdown of organic
substances. H202 is vital for maintaining the body’s
natural health. In fact, the effectiveness of
penicillin is related to its capacity to rejuvenate the
level of H202 in the body. In essence, penicillin works
by helping the body build up enough H202 to fight off
bacteria and viruses. Most harmful bacteria are
anaerobic, which means they can not survive in a highly
oxygenated environment.

Newer research suggests that we need certain levels of
hydrogen peroxide in order to facilitate normal
chemical reactions and to maintain the proper balance
of good bacteria in our system. Good bacteria are
generally aerobic, which means they will function well
in oxygen rich environments.

Aside from the health benefits of hydrogen peroxide,
there are many other uses for this “wonder” compound.
Anecdotal information suggests that hydrogen peroxide
can be used all over the house, in the following ways:

1) To clean and sanitize the kitchen. Use a 3%
solution to refresh counters and sanitize lunch boxes.

2) To clean vegetables and fruits. Add 1/4 cup of H2O2
to a sink of cold water. Add vegetables and fruits wash
thoroughly and rinse with cool water. This will prolong
the freshness and taste.

3) Wound care. Bathing or misting a wound with hydrogen
peroxide will help clean it while it speeds healing.

4) For your toothbrush. Soaking your toothbrush in
hydrogen peroxide between uses will keep it clean and
prevent transfer of germs. This would be particularly
helpful when your or someone in your family has a cold
or the flu.

5) As an astringent. Dabbing hydrogen peroxide on
pimples or acne will have you on your way to clearer

These are just a few of the many ways you can use
hydrogen peroxide in and around your home. There are
many others. Some people swear that ingestion of small
amounts of food grade, diluted hydrogen peroxide
provides complete body cleansing. (But only do this
under a doctor’s supervision). People also use it to
help household plants grow, and to sprout seeds for new
plantings. The variety and possible uses make hydrogen
peroxide a “must-have” for a well stocked house.

No matter how you choose to use it, it’s clear that
regular use of H202 will keep your house fresh and your
family healthy.

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