January Jones, a Super Independently Wealthy Single mother!

029444283d522199f9f31ca5530026c6January Jones is one of the very successful and famous Hollywood names right now because she is known for being a very independent single mother who’s raising his only son Xander Dane Jones alone.  She’s recently revealed who the father is… but hasn’t received  acknowledgment from her baby’s father, much less child support, but she keep pushing ahead with motherhood all by herself.  Fortunately, her actress paycheck can take care of the bills.

She seriously finds herself getting a lot of poor single mother looks and this is a woman with a net worth of $5.5 million dollars! Her son is very lucky to have her as her mom because she’s one of the most privilege actresses who can afford to raise her child as a solo parent. And the best thing about her is that she’s a super independently wealthy single mother because anything short of their own private island tells British Glamour that not much has changed since having baby Xander.

She says, “Many People keep saying to me, ‘Oh poor you, being a single mum’.” She doesn’t want to be pitied because she can do anything she wants to do. She works, dates, and meets new people. She has friends and time for everything that she had before. She says she is lucky and blessed to have her son because she realizes that she’s just added an amazing thing in my life.  Being a single mum isn’t something she needs to feel sorry about or need to go to group therapy over because  it’s really a joy. January feels very lucky to have a great family and friends that are always at her side and she knows they’d be there if she needed help.






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