Love and Decisions

sp_image-406646952-1253625836.jpgGuest writer Tewana Necole shares tips for being decisive in love and never losing yourself in the process.

As women, love comes easy and we usually love really hard when we are in relationships.  Generally once our mind is made up about something we are satisfied with our decision.  But when a man enters the equation, we some how lose who we are and we never stick to our decision.  We all at one point in our lives, have decided to leave a man once we were fed up with him not treating us right, and then two weeks later we are right back in his arms.  So let’s understand love & decision making. 

What is Love?

God is the essence of love.  Love is an unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another.  Love sacrifices & lives for others.  It is a decision about how we act, even when no one is watching.

Decision Defined

A decision is a determination after consideration.  It is coming to a conclusion and cutting off other options.  All decisions have consequences: present or eternal.  Consequences are built into your decisions & your actions.  You will never change what you are not willing to confront.  Excluding communication, these two components {love and decisions} are vital in relationships. 

Putting it All Together

When a woman is in a loving relationship, there is no doubt about the feelings of her significant other.  Everything is reciprocal.  A relationship is balanced when two people love each other unconditionally.  When you question if someone really loves you, that’s when you have made a mistake in the decision of loving someone.  I know it’s hard to let go of someone that you care about, however, when you love yourself more than anyone besides God, you are able to make sound quality decisions.  So if you haven’t been making good decisions about relationships, this is where your answers lie. 

Questions to Ponder

If you place yourself second, why would a man place you first?  If you disregard your qualifications or settle for someone, why should the person that you settle for treat you with the love you deserve?  If you don’t love yourself enough to consider the importance of self-love and self-perseverance, why should you receive it in return from someone?  Have you ever stopped to think that sometimes we are the reason for the misfortunes that we experience?  

Moving toward the Future

So now that you have been enlightened and totally understand what it means to love, it’s time to get out of the toxic relationships that you have been apart of for convenience.  Sometimes to be better we must à Get out à Walk Away!

I have learned that I cannot Change people when I want them to change.  They will only change when they are ready and receptive.  You may have to change your environment & partner to endure.

The Answers

As people, we are given everything we need to for this journey in life.  Most times we choose to ignore our intuition.  But you can not afford to if you want to experience a purposeful, prosperous life. 

Five Simple Steps to Assist with Love & Decision Making

1.  Love God with all your heart and all your soul.

  1. Walk in Love.  Meaning always set out to do something good for someone.  Be a peacemaker.
  2. Be in love with yourself.
  3. Never settle for someone who is not on the same level as you spiritually, mentally, or emotionally.
  4. Don’t ignore the signs that tell you BEWARE.

Anything you give up to better your relationship with God reaps GREAT harvests & benefits.

Tawana Necole is a humanitarian, writer, and entrepreneur. As the Co-Founding President of a non-profit, charity-based organization that focuses on the importance of integrity; she reaches women from all walks of life.   She is a freelance writer and the author of CORPORATE Chics, a novel scheduled for release in October 1, 2009.  Holding a Bachelor in Business Management and Masters in Security Management, she is currently self-employed and works as a consultant.  Her company, CORPORATE Chics, is a consulting and marketing company that focuses on enhancing, promoting, and developing small businesses and Women Entrepreneurs.  She is a native of Charleston, SC, and currently resides in Atlanta, GA, with her family.

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