Make Money From What You Know

Do you have a quirky talent that seems insignificant? Have a skill or ability that only you seem to have? Do people come to you for help about things that seem easy to you? If so you have a unique talent or ability and could profit from it. The quickest way to profit from you skill is to write about it.

You can write tips for a number of tips directories online. Off the top of my head I can think of three. Day Tipper will pay you up to $100 for sharing you tips. LifeTips pays a similar amount and you get to become a guru. eHow is another tips directory that pays just for sharing what you know. I also like eHow the best because you can submit your tips and see them right away. The other two take a while either for approval or can be very picky.

You don’t have to be a published author to write your tips. Just be able to explain things in easy to understand ways. Write two or three sentences, submit, and you’re done. You have to sign up for each of the tips directory to be able to submit your tips. You also need a paypal account to be able to receive your payments. It’s easy and free to sign up.

So start sharing your tips with the world and get paid. The more you write the better you get. Tell everybody about your tips by posting a link in your email signature, adding a link to your blog, or twittering. Feel free to pass the post on along to everyone you know or digg, stumble, or tag it.

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