Man Benefits?

This article first appeared on my other blog, Rich Single Momma. I think it’s worth repeating here.

This article on kind of ties into yesterday’s post, Is Single Motherhood Too Glorified and let’s me know that there is beginning to be a shift in feminist thinking. I really don’t to get into my thoughts on the whole feminist machine, but I will say that it’s made like very difficult for so many women.

I admit that I am happier with a man in my life who loves and cherishes me. I feel complete and whole if not plumper (In know that’s not a word). But much of my depression and sad feelings come because I have been lonely. The kids are great but I am happier when I have attention and am being loved.

So I think being single is overrated and I want to be in relationship. There I said it! It’s all nice and everything to make my own money, have my own place, and have the exclusive say about what happens to my kids, but it’s just not fun…. at all! I am currently in talks with the love of my life. We are not together for various reasons but we realize that we do love each other and just do better together.

If asked which state of relationship I’d rather be in it would be marriage and committed relationship versus singleness any day. But until that time, I will find joy in this journey until my change comes.

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4 Responses to Man Benefits?

  1. Tina Fortune says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! First for admitting to yourself that you want to be in a relationship. Second, for realizing and recognizing where you are in your journey. I’ve been in a relationship and didn’t want anyone to know because I thought that I would be less respected as an authority on single parenting matters. Yet, I’m happy, the kids are happy and we totally walked into love! So, I think that single moms wear the banner too high and too long and sometimes allow love to pass us by. We deserve him and he deserves us. Why? Because we rock!

  2. Trisha says:

    Hey ladybug, I feel you totally! I have been in a “relationship” since the tender age of 15. I’m not saying I’ve been with the same person, of course not. What I’m saying is, I have not been “single” almost never. After separating from my kids’ father in 2000, I have found myself in a relationship every year. Even when I try to take a break and really live a single life, it doesn’t last long at all, because simply put, I don’t want to be alone. I’m not saying that I couldn’t be alone, I’m saying I prefer to be with someone because I am a lover and need to be loved. Does that make any sense? Anyway, I just wanted to co-sign with you.

  3. Robin says:

    Amen ladies!! Sometimes we scare those guys off because we act to independent. We really do need them. We just don’t want to admit it sometimes!

  4. Bridget says:

    Not sure I totally agree with this. I really enjoy being single for all of the reason mentioned,”I said it! It’s all nice and everything to make my own money, have my own place, and have the exclusive say about what happens to my kids, but it’s just not fun…. at all!”

    I think single mothers where the banner high because some are so ready to shot it down by saying things like,”Oh so you are a single mom” I like compansion like the next person but really value managing things with little input. I guess I am not really ready to share my life with someone and like the idea of focusing on my career. Single reason is because I feel more comfortable relying on my future by what I have provided for myself. Other than hoping they will do it for me.

    It is a security thing for me and it trumps compansionship at this time.

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