New Neighborhood

Thanks for the guest post by Jo Levy

We recently moved into a new neighborhood because my husband got transferred with his job. I always hated the things that have to be done when you move into a new house, like setting up the phone, internet, TV, power, trash pick-up, and water.

Luckily, my husband set up everything except for the cable and told me he was going to leave that one up to me. I decided to ask around among our new neighbors to see what kind of cable most people in the neighborhood use.

Our next-door neighbor told me about some direct tv specials that he heard about. He said that he and his wife have been using Direct TV since they moved in and they have been very happy with it.

I decided to go with Direct TV since it seems like most of the neighborhood uses it. It will be such a relief to have all of our utilities set up. That is my least favorite part of moving to a new house.

Now all I have left to do is unpackthe hundreds of boxes we have sitting around the house.

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