Movie Producer Interviews Single Mom About Challenges

SamanthaBlueSqMoguldom Studios recently produced a documentary about single motherhood in black America. I had the opportunity to review the movie which I thought was very well made.

Recently I shared my own single mom story with Moguldom Studios. The challenges, the lessons, and the silver lining.

Here is that interview below. You can also check out the Twitter chat interview I did with them over at

What has been the hardest part about single motherhood?

Initially it was having to do it all by myself and feelings of shame. Lately it’s been about making sure my son has quality male role models.

Do you feel like being a single mother impedes success?

Absolutely not! Success is determined individually so it’s an inside job rather than an external measurement. If you reach the goals you set then you are successful. If you don’t you have the opportunity to try again. We are only unsuccessful when we fail to try.

Common misconceptions?

All single moms are on welfare. All single moms intentionally got pregnant out of wedlock. All single moms are/were unwed.

In your opinion is single motherhood a cycle that should be broken?

In some families it has become a bad habit which should be broken. However single motherhood is often inescapable because a man decides to leave, he dies, or he’s abusive. Circumstances and choices differ so single motherhood will always be around. It is not just a women’s issue, it’s a community issue.

What are some lessons you teach your children as a single mother?

I teach them that they can be, do, have anything they want. The choice is up to them. I teach them that they deserve to be in a healthy relationship. I specifically teach my son that he has a certain responsibility to finish high school, college or vocational school, get a job/start a business, buy a home, marry the woman he loves, THEN have babies. Anything outside of that is unacceptable.

Does the media/society unfairly treat black single mothers?

I’d say the portrayal of black single mothers leans toward unfairness. We are mostly categorized as crack heads, abusive, strippers, or on welfare. The reality is most black single mothers are working, providing for their kids, and are very loving. The resources and community support is overwhelmingly positive and has changed the daily lives of black single moms.

What has your single mom journey been? What challenges have you faced? Your silver linings?

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5 Foods to Help Your Mood

Foods for your mood

Did you know the food you eat can literally make you feel happy or sad? Nutrition is one of the main components of mental health, so it’s important to stock your plate with good food while cutting some of those less beneficial alternatives.

“Food can definitely alter your mood,” says Dr. Shoshana Bennett, clinical psychologist, mental health expert, and radio host. “Sometimes the effect is immediate, other times there’s a delay of an hour or so. Over time, the wrong foods can create a continuous foul mood or negative state of mind. Many people still aren’t making the connection between their emotional well-being and what they ate for dinner – or the last 200 dinners.”

Bennett explains that certain foods can negatively affect the neurotransmitters in our brains; these chemicals control sleep, appetite, mood and more. Bad foods can also cause inflammation, which may lead to other physical and mental disorders. She recommends eating these five types of food to feel happy, healthy and balanced: Continue reading

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Ways for Single Moms to Pamper Themselves….


It is very easy for us single moms to become burned out with the day to day task of taking care of our family and we neglect taking care of ourselves. We forget about ourselves as we make the necessary sacrifices for our children. I am guilty of doing this and have to force myself to take care of me.  My family and friends are constantly telling me to take time for myself. It is not easy, but I know and believe that it is necessary and it is something we have to  intentionally do for ourselves. When you intentionally schedule time to pamper yourself you are saying to your family that I am important and you teach them how to treat you as such.

When you are extremely frustrated and overwhelmed, the pressure of your life has become too much and you need to put on your oxygen mask before you crash. Self-care is your oxygen mask that allows you to relax, rejuvenate, and repeat.  As single moms, we deal with a lot, but, we are able I handle it, if you take care of ourselves first.

Our children deserve moms that are calm, cool and collected. Pampering yourself is essential and I will provide you with some ideas on how you can love on yourself.

  • Be willing to ask for help and receive help from friends and family. – For me I am sometimes reluctant to ask for help and receive help because I did not want to burden others with my children. I never had a break…until my family called and said we will keep the children for the weekend. To be honest I was helpless the first night. The next morning I was rejuvenated….I woke up on my own without a child pulling at my eyelashes and saying momma wake up.


  • Plan for one Friday night a month to put the children to bed an hour early and watch your favorite movie uninterrupted. Create a spa night and  give yourself a facial, manicure and pedicure. Do not forget your favorite scented candle. Read a book or magazine. You maybe tempted to do a load of laundry or some form of housekeeping please ignore the urge and commit to self-care.


  • I know that as single moms we have to be very mindful of our budgets, so allocate $10 a month for the purchase of accessories. One of my best friends recommended this to me and I really appreciate it. I go to WalMart or KMart and purchase me some really nice accessories.


Pampering yourself will allow you to teach others how  to love you. I hope that you will start soon.

Please share with me how you pamper yourself,





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About Me


I am new to the blogging world and as I reflect on how I can be a better blogger, I realized that I did not introduce myself  and connect with the readers of Single Moms Rock.

My name is Tawanna Hill. I am a single mother of two beautiful children a 8 year old boy and a 2 year old girl. My son loves super heros and I call him “Enforcer.” My daughter is all girl, she loves anything princess and I call her “My Little Princess.” At the age of 2, I have to remind her that I am the “Queen.”

I enjoy listening to non-ficition audiobooks,  love music especially smooth jazz,  a DIY wannabe. and, a kid at heart so getting on the floor and playing with my children instead of cleaning the house is the first choice for me.

I currently work for the federal government and live in the Greater St. Louis Metropolitan area.

For Single Moms Rock I am an Content Developer Intern and really appreciate that Samantha allows me to work on her blog.

It is my hope to empower and inspire single moms to keep pressing toward their dreams!

Have a Beautiful Day!



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