Self-indulgence is Good for Single Moms

Too many time we as single moms forget to do a little self-indulgence. We think it’s too expensive or there isn’t enough time considering all the tasks we have to do. Well let me tell you, it doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming to show yourself a little love. The good thing is you can do it right now. Here is a quick tip that will make you feel like  you are walking on air.

Quick and Easy Foot Massage

For this how-to all you will need is lotion and your hands. It’s best done in the morning or evening or both. Take your favorite lotion (I prefer my lavendar fragrance lotion because it relaxes me) and rub it on your clean feet. Now take one foot and rub the bottom in circular motion with your thumbs. You can do a combination of massage strokes to get the blood circulating. It only takes a minute to complete one foot so now you are ready to switch to the other foot. Repeat the same process and in two minutes you are done.

Your feet should feel relaxed and refreshed by now and notice that it didn’t take an extra amount of time or money to get it done. Please take the time to indulge yourself on a regular basis. Your outlook will be much better because you are loving and valuing  yourself. Look for other self-indugence tips in future posts.

You Rock!

Rockin’ Single Mom Sam

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