Single Mom Success Quick Tip #19 – Avoid the Super Mom Syndrome

There is so much to get done and only one of you to do it. As much as you would like to get everything and make sure that everything is perfect, don’t burn yourself out trying to get it all done. The most important job you have is to take care of your child(ren) and yourself. Ways to avoid the super mom syndrome is to:

1.       Ask for help

2.       Set priorities

3.       Relax certain standards regarding to housekeeping

4.       Stop saying yes to everyone, etc

5.       Get help in meals by having someone cook for you

o        Make casseroles

o        Cook once a month

o        Cook in the Crockpot

o        Have leftovers often  

I’m sure you’ve heard that no one will say on their death bed, “I wish I had worked more”, so give up being everything to everybody and take care of yourself. Pushing yourself to do it all is the easiest way to get burned out. It won’t benefit you or your children. So relax and breathe. That’s why you have tomorrows.

You Rock!

Rockin’ Single Mom Sam

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