Single Mom Success Quick Tip #9 – Maintain Friendships

Friends are so important to the success of single mom. Sure there are some rotten apples out there, but with a little judgment and a lot of trusting your instincts your will find some gems. Don’t forget your old friends and never be afraid to make new ones. They enrich your life and help you remember that you are still an adult.

Another important thing about friendship is learning how to be a friend. There is trust, loyalty, and commitment involved and you must possess these traits for long lasting friendship, but it is worth it.  I have two great friends plus great relationships with my sister and brother, which makes four great friends. They are my sounding boards and they help me stay the course when I am ready to give up. I know I can always share a laugh with them and trust that they have my best interest in their hearts.

If you’ve neglected your friends because you are busy, stop right now, pick up the phone and give them a call. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t mind hearing from you. If you don’t have any trustworthy friends right now make a decision that you are going to find one or two. Online friends don’t count. You need someone you can talk to on the phone, go shopping with (even if it’s just window shopping), or have lunch with. Online friends are okay but they can never take the place of a friend in the flesh.


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