Single Moms Speaking Out in Politics

The 2006 Vote is over and the results have come in for most of the states. It is clear that the voice of the American people are being heard as we see the turn over of the house from the Republicans to the Democrats. At this moment we are still waiting to see who will dominate the Senate, but some news sources say the Democrats will win it because Independent Joe Liberman will likely lean toward the Democratic vote.

We have heard all of the mud slinging and character assasinations. The debates rage around the corporate water coolers and media roundtables, but single mothers are weighing in too. This news story from St. Petersburg Times features comments from a single mom of four who has felt the effects of Republican rule. She was determined to make a change, so she got out to vote. I hope that you all made the same choice to vote no matter the weather conditions or other circumstances. Yesterday was a good time to show your kids the democratic process and explain the priviledge of voting. If you didn’t vote you have another chance to vote in the 2008 election, which, by the way, will have more impact because we are electing the leader of our country.

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