Single Parent Dilemma – How to Pack Up and Move For a Fresh Start in 5 Easy Steps

Single Parent Dilemma – How to Pack Up and Move For a Fresh Start in 5 Easy Steps
By []Jan Verhoeff

If you’re a single parent, you probably struggle with just getting through the day like most single parents, but there is a solution. Sometimes you just need a fresh start to get your act together and move to a better location. It doesn’t take much, if you plan your way clearly and get a jump start on the process with these 5 easy steps.

1. Find your purpose

You’ve been thinking along these lines for a while now. You really want to meet some new friends, have some new faces in your circle of who-knows-who, and get a chance to work your way up in a career that doesn’t remind you of your ex or his family. Do it! What’s stopping you? This is your life. Find a purpose to live well and go do it.

2. Prepare your source

Everybody needs some kind of source for future reference and supply. The demand is great out there and the last place you want to turn is to the government. Do something better. Plan a source of back up and put your plan into place. Prepare your source for the future — 6 months income in savings should do you, if you have jobs lined up.

3. Round up some assistance

Moving is hard work. Enlist your family and friends. Yes they want you to stay where you are, but they’ll still love you if you move away too. Call them up, have a packing party, ask them to bring you stuff when you invite them to dinner the first weekend in your new house. Invite the neighbors in and let them know you come from quality folks. You’ll have a new circle of friends in no time.

4. Declare de goal date

This is the day you move out of the old life and into the new one. Set it about seven months out so you’ve got time to plan, accomplish and accommodate your needs and desires. Start packing the ‘stuff’ and get it all labeled and ready to move. A closet will hold a lot of stuff if it’s packed tightly into boxes.

5. Escape into your future

Now that you’re here, remember to change your habits. Start exercising every day, take a class, write a book, get a whole new look, cut your hair, hem your skirts and live like you want to live. Take a chance and go to church on Sunday; you might make a few friends there too. This is your life – live it well!

While you may seriously be thinking I’m a nutcase for suggesting you pull up stakes, rip the roots from the ground, and park your carcass in a new time zone – the reality is, you’d do it in a heartbeat if you thought you could survive it. So, come on… Let’s DO IT!

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(c) 2008 – Jan Verhoeff

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