Take Time Out for Fun

Yesterday I watched a movie with my kids. There are two things that I want to share with you from this experience. They are lessons that I will try to adhere to myself more often and lessons I hope you will apply to your own life.
1. Sitting down and actually watching a movie with my kids is really fun. I needed that break from all the rush and hurry of everyday life. I don’t do it often enough even though they beg me all the time. I realize that they want me around and I should be happy about that because in a couple of years they probably won’t be as eager. they will have their own lives and I’ll be sitting by the window watching and waiting for them to come home. So sitting down with them and watching this simple movie was great. I was completely into it and knew my kids were happy to have me spending time with them. 
2. Watching movies is a great forum for discussing social themes. Kids will watch a movie and laugh and giggle over the funny situations, but I will take a couple of minutes and discuss the movie themes with them. It teaches them critical thinking skills and helps them question what they see. Everything that is shown on the movie screen or TV is not all good and true. By teaching my kids to ask questions and think they become thinking adults who refuse to accept all things at face value. I believe this is a necessary tool to keep them from following the crowd and folding under negative peer pressure. So watching movies becomes both a fun and education event with long term rewards.
I hope you are or will schedule time to watch a movie, read a book, or take a walk with your kids this week. This time is priceless and they will never forget how you took time for them in the midst of your hectic schedule.
Rich Single Momma
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