The Gas Crunch

Hurricane Ike is gone but he left quite a mess, not only on the Gulf Coast but in my local neighborhood. I live several hundred miles away from where Hurricane Ike landed so why am I feeling the effects so strongly? The day after the storm several gas stations in my neighborhood literally shut down. News reports said that it was because of a shortage due to Ike. Other stations’ gas prices shot up over $4.25! I was absolutely shocked and amazed.
I checked one gas tracker website for my city and saw a couple of stations changing $8.99 for regular gas. Talk about price gouging! The governor of Georgia has issued a statement saying that his office would not tolerate price gouging and would put laws into place to prevent it.
My gas tank is 1/4 full or 3/4 empty. I didn’t get gas this weekend because I want to see how quickly the prices go back down. I saw and article that said gas prices have dropped to $94 a barrel. That is certainly not reflected in my neighborhood yet because on Ike’s approach people panicked thinking that Ike would hit the Houston offshore oil refineries and cut production leaving them without gas. It’s been a vicious chain reaction but other reports have said that the refineries weren’t affected like they predicted.
Maybe once the truth comes out in final reports the prices will come down and I can fill up my tank. Fortunately I am driving a gas saving vehicle and as long as I stay in my local neighborhood I can drive for a couple more days before the situation gets desperate. I have the money to fill up now but I guess I just stubbornly refuse to buckle under the fear frenzy that will last only a couple days. I’ll keep you posted.
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