The greatest gift you can give children – wherever you are, be there!

By Jill Darcey

I believe that most of us have what it takes to be truly great parents; It doesn’t matter if we have been separated, divorced or attempting to frame. The more often it is thanks to our efforts of juggling a hectic lifestyle already that we have overlooked some of the most crucial aspects of parenting.

The requirements of the love, support, food, clothing, shelter and basic education, the next layer consists of four key elements. These four key elements are: time, Structure, Stimulation and Protection. Article today is to look at the time.

There is a debate among those that facilitate parental education that has raged for years – quantity and quality. These two opinions have been frequently displayed by those on each side of mothers working outside the House argument.

The purist believe that children need their mother at home and that the amount of time spent with them is of paramount importance. The progressive attitudes in the defense of the mother of work, place of weight on the quality of the time. Free of judgment in two cases (as I’ve done both), I have come to meet my requirement for an answer with what I think is more important than the two;

“Wherever you are, be there.”

Today, more than any previously known in our history when distraction is our new standard. Answer us telephone calls, messages text or read a magazine or a newspaper, while we expect our coffee to be brought to our table, while our child sits alongside, regardless of which side of the argument of quantity and quality, we believe that we are on.

Between mobile phones, iPod and all other forms of entertainment on screen, we have more focused attention on the missing people, as with the other side of us. Time must be present to give to our children. This is to highlight the interaction independently of the ordinary how it may appear.

John is a well-paid senior executive, who can provide to each new imaginable toy for children – and it does. They later and technology money can buy, ranging from personal iPods to complete home theatre. It is not unlike many diligent worker and intelligent men. He has a paternal desire to be the largest number allows the events of the kid as his work.

Rushing from the office to make the 7: 00 p.m. parent-teacher interviews, he welcomes his boy with a quick hug, laying on the day for a title free 30 seconds and as he does so, achieved automatically in his pocket for his new phone. Proudly providing facts and figures to its brightness, how can now access their Inbox to work from anywhere, anytime. “Ding.” Its concentration aligns elsewhere, immediately audible response laughter and texts while unfortunately its attention moved to the other and his son, sitting quietly next to him.

John is puzzled at the concern of the teacher for lack of her boy of concentration.

It is alarmingly common; and let us not imagine that we do ourselves. Many comfort women think they can multitask and therefore to apologize, but I would like to offer another view. We are not more able to concentrate on the texts and at the same time to hold a meaningful conversation with someone from we, than men. And our children feel it. Quietly, distraction deprives us of the opportunities offered by our present moment. If we do the washing, rolling kids, a thesis, dinner or go shopping, be there. Be careful to whatever it is you and absorb the uniqueness in each instance. When you do this, you will be excellent in all your actions.

For our children feel valued and important, beloved and useful, a simple priority of focus is crucial. If we are kilometers thought that with our children, the time with them is low and can be satisfied by any person. Have you heard the question “How has your day been?” and it will be unable to recall the response. We can even ask it again front we are identified by our children for saying just to us. How many of us know the names of the friends of our children? That is what they look like? Would you be able to identify the around local shops, especially the school uniform? What is we took the time to understand what is happening within the families of their friends? The next time that you are ready to scold your teen for their dismissive look at your friend, you ask, you know their?

Kids (especially teens) need our support, wisdom and guidance as we move forward with this change in the structure of the family; they may have felt too much distance when he is not really important to believe that we really be there for them now that he does. He is subject of discussion, the attention and intention. The debate on the quality and quantity cannot be settled outside the circumstantial factors, this can be done to the heart to be present.

Bio author:

Jill Darcey (author, Parent, founder & President), mother of three; thousands of hours of counselling and coaching; and more than a decade of co-parenting split-family. Jill has the experience and wisdom; She learned much of what and does not – and sometimes difficult!
Jill book, Parenting with the Ex factor, she works to inspire parents separated to “stop drinking poison” and start constructive building of the new model of parenting. Jill is also the founder of the foundation of the complex family, an organization that helps parents with the provision of support networks, books, eBooks, seminars, workshops, and forums and free membership to a community of support parents separated with similar views.

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