The Science of Getting Rich?

How can there be a science to getting rich? Sometimes we tend to think that the rich got that way by happenstance. Sure, some are born into rich families, but for the most part there is some method to how riches are attained. Some get rich through a windfall, some through hard work, and some through stepping on people to get what they have. There is a better way to get rich and it is a bit of a scientific method according to author, Wallace Wattles. His book, The Science of Getting Rich, is making it’s way around the internet and is the basis of the recent The Secret phenomenon.

I read the Science of Getting Rich before The Secret came out, but at that time I wasn’t ready for it. I was too deeply involved in sorting our personal issues. But a few months ago I got reacquainted with this great book. I downloaded the audio book and listen to it about once a month. It is simple to understand and gave me several “aha” moments. Getting rich is more about an attitude rather than a science. But when you follow the steps outlined in the book you’ll begin seeing a change in your attitude about money as well as a positive cash flow. It’s slow at first, but it increase as you continue to practice the methods in this book.

The incredible thing about this book is that it is freely available from several sources. Some people are selling it for a small fee but the original book is available as a .pdf download. Rebecca Fine over at had the book available there as well as other resources to make your journey toward getting rich a fun one. She offers support through forum discussion and also has a course that you can set your own fee for. I encourage you to go over and see what it’s about and begin to change your life.

I do recommend that you get the audio book and listen to it often. There is always something new that I pick up when I hear it again. It is no problem to do other things while listening. When I am cooking, cleaning, or sitting under the hair dryer I listen. I even listen when I am going to sleep. The principles are being conveyed on a subconscious level so during my wakeful hours I am implementing the principles.

So is there a science of getting rich? I’d say so, but unlike science in school, this kind is more fun and more profitable. đŸ˜‰

Rich Single Momma

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