The Truth About Single Mom Grants

Grants specifically earmarked for single mothers, in general, don’t exist. There are grants single mothers can apply for based on other criteria such as income-based, ethnic group, residency, career interest, knowledge base, etc. Free money or grants specifically for being a single mom is hard to come by. There may be organizations offering temporary assistance such as churches, state and/or local government (not federal), several private, and a handful of corporate organizations.

A lot of the so-called free grant information online is linked to products and services of very little value and relevance to single moms. When you click on the hyped-up ad, you most likely land on a link farm or page full of links to other pages created by a person who has several affiliate program links embedded.

The Hype about Single Mom Grants

Everyday millions of single moms, desperate for financial assistance scour the web looking for grants. They see ads touting millions for single moms only to be disappointed when they land on the webpage which is usually full of links or other irrelevant ads. Not to be deterred she searches high and low for grants she seems to qualify for. Frustration sets in and she usually gives up. In one last ditch effort she heads over to the forums and inquires and again she is pointed to the same websites full of links to pointless pages of ad hype. Even though the search seems fruitless, there are sources of grants and financial assistance but only under certain circumstances. Here are a few sources of grants for single moms which require more than a quick glance. It requires research and asking the right questions.

Check locally for Single Mom Grants

There may be local organizations, usually non-profit that give grants or assistance to single moms. These resources may not necessarily be in the form of money, but may be housing assistance, food, or job training. Resources could also be in the form of grants to children of single moms for summer camps, sports or music lessons, or medical assistance. Do a search on your city or state plus the words “grant”, “financial assistance”, or “scholarship” and you may come up with a few sources meeting your needs.

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