How to Throw Your Child a Great Birthday Party as a Single Parent

At first thought, throwing your child a birthday party as a single parent might seem daunting. However, this is a misconception. It is possible to throw your child a fun and fulfilling birthday party without it turning into a full-blown nightmare. Remember that a birthday party is a celebration of life so you should have fun while preparing for it. With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you throw a great birthday party for your child without breaking the bank and getting stressed:

Brainstorm on how you can cut costs

Making ends meet in a home with a singular pay check can be challenging. However, understand that a great birthday party does not necessarily have to be lavish or over the top. There are many ways to cut costs. For instance, bake the birthday cake instead of picking one up from a bakeshop. You may be surprised to find that it is possible to bake a tasty birthday cake using ingredients that amount to only $20.

When it comes to decorations, use materials that you can be found in your home. You can even make party preps a meaningful bonding activity for you and your child by baking the cake or making the decorations together. Another way you can cut costs is by choosing to hold the party at your home or at a public park instead of a pricey country club or function room. You can also opt to prepare your own dishes instead of hiring a caterer. Lastly, choose party games that don’t require you to purchase any items. For instance, you can choose to play parlour games instead of buying a piñata. These are only some options you can mull over.

Reach out to friends and relatives

It is difficult to receive help if you don’t ask for it. Resist the temptation to try to do everything all by yourself as this affords you nothing but wasted time, unnecessary stress and endless pressure. Ask your sister or best friend to help you out with little things like making a reservation for the venue or calling the caterer to ask about menu choices. If you have a brother or a reliable guy friend, you can ask him to play the part of entertainer at the party—whether that means donning a clown costume or wearing a magician’s hat.

When it comes to capturing those special, priceless moments, ask a friend or a relative to act as official photographer or videographer instead of contracting professional services. You can also ask someone reliable to help entertain guests while you make sure the food and drink station is constantly replenished. Many single parents bring unnecessary stress unto themselves simply because they refuse to ask for help. Don’t succumb to the same.

These are only some of the ways that you can throw an unforgettable birthday party for your child without breaking the bank or stressing yourself out in the process. Another wise way to cut costs would be to make the invites yourself or send out E-vites instead of hiring a professional to do it. This is also the more environmental-friendly option. Whilst you are busy making preparations, don’t forget to ask your child for his or her input. For instance, ask your child what theme he or she would want to use, if any. You can also ask your child about the type of food he or she would like to eat and serve to the party guests. All in all, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the party!

Olivia is a busy mom to two boys and works as a writer for Storkie. She enjoys sharing what she has learned in the trenches of parenthood with other moms and dads.

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