What Do Britney Spears and Sharon Stone Have in Common?

Los Angeles (PRWEB) September 3, 2005

Have More Compassion, the charity founded by the HotMomsClub, was the recipient of over three hundred new and gently used pieces of maternity clothes, donated by Britney Spears, to be distributed to various women’s charities.

The Hot Moms donated outfits and auction items to Sharon Stone’s charity organization Planet Hope and Vera House in NY; both charities are committed to helping battered, single and struggling moms.

The HotMomsClub, Have More Compassion and their clothing line RockinHotMoms are quickly gaining celebrity notoriety with moms such as Courtney Cox-Arquette, Holly Robinson-Peet, Natasha Henstridge, Cheryl Hines and more. Whether donating to the foundation or sporting their clothing-line these moms are fans of the HotMomsClub.

The HotMomsClub is a lifestyle, an attitude, and a way of being. They believe that there is nothing hotter or sexier than being a mom. There is no reason you have to leave your sense of style, sexuality or your identity once you have had a child. The hot moms believe that there is no reason to feel guilty about taking a little time for yourself; in fact they believe this makes you a better mom.

Since the inception of the HotMomsClub, they have launched an online magazine, http://www.hmcmagazine.com, which appeals to and is written by moms of all ages and ethnicities. The magazine features articles on parenting, beauty, fashion and more. As well, they have created a line of clothing, RockinHotMoms, for mothers, infants, kids, men and even the family dog. The collection includes campy slogans such as: “My Mom is Hotter than your Mom” and “I’ve Got a Hot Mom.”

The HotMomsClub was established by three moms Jessica Denay, Joy Tilk-Bergin and Karma McCain. Tired of not fitting into the “mom” stereotype, they decided to take action, and created a support group and resource for women across the country, and from there a movement to redefine motherhood was born.

For more information on the HotMomsClub, Have More Compassion or RockinHotMoms clothing please visit http://www.hmcmagazine.com.


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